By executive order, Franklin D. Roosevelt creates Rural Electrification Administration (REA). United States Congress approves funding for rural electric co-operatives.


Upshur County Agent, W.D. Seals, applies to the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) for $140,000 loan to construct 105 miles of electrical lines into area’s rural communities.


Upshur Rural Electrification project receive partial allocation of $70,000 from REA. Samuel W. Scales is hired as the projects’ superintendent, along with a lawyer and an engineer, in order to proceed with the project.


State of Texas issues charter to Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative on October 25th. First permanent cooperative officers elected in basement of Gilmer Courthouse.


28 miles of lines are energized for first time to serve URECC’s 139 members. URECC is granted a loan for $125,000.


REA approves URECC for a $133,000 loan.


A building grant of $125,000 from the National Youth Administration allows URECC to construct a new building, complete with 600-seat auditorium. It is estimated that more than 100 National Youth Administration boys were employed on the construction project.


In September, Sam Scales’ failing health requires him to retire, and his wife, Delta Scales, becomes the first General Manager of URECC.


With the end of WWII, Upshur Rural Electric steps up its building program, and J.L. Johns is hired as the cooperative’s new General Manager.


Loan of $480,000 approved for construction of new lines to keep up with post-war boom growth.


REA grants Upshur Rural its largest grant ever to construct 50 miles of transmission lines, two power substations and expand and upgrade its system.


Power usage up by 36% compared to 1950.


Vice President Lyndon Johnson congratulates URECC on its loan to build a generating plant. (L to R: Dick Wood, REA Assistant Administrator; George Ross, Manager Panola-Harrison (Marshall); J.L. Johns, Manager Upshur-Rural; Norman Clapp, REA; Vice President Lyndon Johnson; Texas Senator Ralph Yanborough and H.G. Ray, President URECC.)


URECC now serving 14,400 consumers, whose average power consumption is 475 KWH per month.


Co-op has grown to 92 employees, a fleet of 45 vehicles and 28,538 members. Engineer John Dugan becomes URECC’s new General Manager.


URECC serves 10 Northeast Texas Counties, providing electrical service to over 33,500 consumers.


In 2012, Rob Walker is named URECC General Manager.


Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation serves 45,000 meters with 300 miles of transmission lines and over 5,900 miles of distribution lines.